Dani Calzone
hi this is a wip site

Occassional Artist


Q: Is your art traditional or digital?
A: 100% digital, 100% of the time

Q: What do you use to make art?
A: On a Macbook Pro: Adobe Photoshop 2023 and Wacom Intuos Draw Pen Tablet

Q: What brushes/textures/resources do you use?
A: Drawing: Kyle Webster Megapack for Photoshop + his Super Lasso Fill tool, simple round brush with anti-alias off.
Texture: Resources from Retro Supply Co, True Grit Texture Supply, and Bracken.Design. + some other stuff I've picked up over the years that I don't remember.
Paper: MaxPacks Paper Pack

Q: Will you draw [x] ?
A: Maybe? I draw what I find interesting or if someone I know really likes it.

Q: Do you sell prints/stickers/etc.?
A: I currently have no plans to sell physical merch. I don't trust third party and I am too busy in my daily life to keep up with a reasonable expectation of timely production and shipping.

Q: What is your style called?
A: Short answer: My style. Long answer: A mish-mosh of things I liked as a teenager + the art styles I'm influenced by (70's cartoons and comics, School House Rock, mid century print media, UPA, Rankin-Bass, + others)

Q: What if I want to draw like you?
A: Knock your socks off. I appreciate a tag, mostly so I can see it.

Q: Can I use your art as an icon/banner?
A: With credit

Q: Can I use your art as a phone BG/Screensaver
A: I'm not the boss of your devices. Go ahead

Q: Will you make a tutorial?
A: Probably not.